Conquer the Darkness, Overcome the Predator

In a cheetah’s life, there is day and there is night. Most cheetahs live amongst bigger, stronger predators. And most of these predators will hunt under cover of darkness.

But a cheetah knows that, through the fear of night, and the unknown that might lurk in the shadows, they must keep going, because a new dawn is on the horizon, and with it, a glorious light.

All of us will and have and perhaps are, having to face “predators” in the “darkness”. There are many forms in which the predators take shape. They could be anxiety, temptation, anger, sorrow, or legit persons or even animals (depending on how and where you live in the world). 

But whatever the “predator” your facing is, it is just the same as the cheetah’s, these predators can hurt us. But only if we cave and give in to them. Only if we place ourselves in a position TO be hurt by them. We just have to get through the “night”. 

We just need to turn our focus to the oncoming dawn of a new day. 

The shadows and predators in our lives serve as merely a challenge in which we are born to overcome. 

And a reminder of the glory of a new day that awaits us at the finish line of our struggles.
So keep going. Because you are destined to get through it, whatever it may be.

And you will be a far more powerful individual because of it.

I took this photo early one morning, after many long nights this cheetah had been facing hunger and the fear of lions roaring in the darkness, yet in that glorious morning, there she was…she had made a kill at dawn, she was a champion that had conquered her “darkness”, and a powerful individual that had overcome her “predator”.
In the same way we are ALL meant to. 

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