Love is Selfless

Love must surely be the most powerful of all things. For no matter the distance, or the trials, it remains, strong and enduring…

Love and support one another.

Don’t hold others back.

Don’t put them down.

If you have the opportunity to either lift up someone in need, or put them down, it is ultimately your choice. It should not matter who or what they are. All life is worthy of upliftment.
Including yours.

No one should “demand” you love and support them. Nor should you demand they love and support you.

Love and support should come from the heart, it should be natural, in order to be genuine. And because of this, it will benefit both individuals in equality.

When you lift someone else up, don’t expect them to “owe” you for it. If this is the only reason you show “love” towards another person, then really it is not doing good for them at all. It is only for your own self gain.

That is not love. That is not support. 

Interestingly enough, doing true acts of love and kindness for another will always benefit both you and them. 

Here in this picture was a moment I was blessed to experience, two cheetah cubs supporting each other. Neither seemed to question the action of simply “being there” for the other. They both benefited from this interaction, purring loudly together.
I hope this image of selfless support in wild animals will bring thoughts of what love really means for us, and how we can support others in need. No matter who or what they are.

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