After working so hard, she showed gratification for her efforts.

She had just made a kill.
She had worked so hard.
And she was so grateful, in that moment, to simply enjoy the accomplishment she had made.
This beautiful cheetah did not focus on anything negative about the food she was eating.
She showed relief and gratification in her behavior. No matter what other struggles lay ahead of her, she had one thing she was grateful for in that moment…
I was reminded of the importance of gratitude the other day. And this image of the cheetah came to mind, as I had watched her struggle for so long to make a kill, and when she finally did, she was simply joyful.
We can use this moment in our own lives: try this little experiment now, and every morning when you wake up: instead of allowing one thought of negativity or stress to grab hold of your mind, think instead of one thing you are grateful for.
It can be anything, from the ability to hear the birds singing outside, or the warmth of sun coming up, or perhaps it’s simply being happy to have a cup of coffee. (I LOVE coffee, it’s literally drinkable happiness😂)
Hold onto that one thought and feeling. You’ll find you cannot feel very negative when gratitude has taken its place as the focus.

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