Just Try

Reaching for the branch…

The elephant reached up for the succulent branches, but found it could not quite reach its goal…
Next time you, or someone in your life, says you can’t do something, that your not able to accomplish your goal, or that you will fail, how about just TRY instead.
Reach for your goals.
Reach for your dreams.
You might miss them. You might fall.
But you will never regret trying.
And, perhaps, you may find you actually ARE capable of doing things.
Maybe, you CAN do it.
Your dreams don’t need to be easy in order for you to succeed.
Your goals may not even happen overnight.
But if this were to be the last moment of your life, would you feel pleased because you DIDN’T try, or will you be pleased because you DID.
Your success is always YOUR success.
No one else.
So reach for it.
This elephant missed the branch it was after the first time…
but then, it tried to reach again, and succeeded…

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