Watch and Learn

A young cub, watching his mother. He observes every move she makes, knowing one day, he too will become a great hunter.
And meanwhile, this cub’s mother is completely aware that she is being watched. But she does not show off anything. Or even feel self conscious. She remains exactly who she is.

Cheetahs, and I notice most animals in the wild, do not complain or judge themselves or how they are made. They actually seem to take pride in it, and do not change themselves for anyone.
There are two lessons to observe here:

Watching young animals learn is an amazing experience.
Watching them grow, and using what they’ve learned, is even more amazing.
But what is the most fascinating of all, is even when these young animals become adults, they just keep learning…I think this is an important lesson for all of to take into consideration. No matter how old we get, or how experienced we become, we should continue trying to learn.
Trying new things.
There is no learning to much. 

Always strive to watch and observe as the young ones do. I think we should listen more to the young of the world, for they have a wisdom that many of us forget as we age. The young so often have an astounding and honest insight.

And the second lesson is this:

Be proud of who you are. You are strong. You are gifted. You are an individual. And that is good.
You know what is right and wrong. You know how to do the right thing.
Trust in yourself a little more, and learn from your mistakes.
Do not worry so much about who is watching, because you know who you are already.  
No one else can tell you.
This should make us all feel inspired, because if who we are is being watched, then what a wonderful opportunity to give another the chance to learn from us. And then in the same way, let us all be like a cheetah cub, and learn something new every day.

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