The Message in the Elephant’s Skin

I was taught during my Field Guide training that an elephant’s skin lacks moisture, and so it needs to be loose to provide the necessary flexibility for motion. And the wrinkles in an elephant’s skin helps to contain moisture, and thus keeps the skin in good condition.

When I took this picture, I wanted to try and show the beautiful complexity of an elephant’s skin in this picture, because seeing it close up really show the details of the wrinkles…

But there is more to it than that…the elephant’s skin, to me, holds a remarkable lesson.

And so in this, I find myself reminded of how amazingly complex and perfect each of our own individual lives are. Throughout our lives, we find ourselves going up and down. 
Some days we walk in a valley.
Some days we climb a mountain. And some days we reach the top of the mountain. 
Some days we try to climb, but we fall instead.
However, whatever trial we might be facing today, every wrinkle in life comes with a purpose.
There is a reason. 

The elephant needs wrinkled skin for moisture and to remain healthy. It’s wrinkles are necessary for a happy life.
Just like the ups and downs, or “wrinkles”, we go through in life, are necessary for our happy lives.

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