After working so hard, she showed gratification for her efforts.

She had just made a kill.
She had worked so hard.
And she was so grateful, in that moment, to simply enjoy the accomplishment she had made.
This beautiful cheetah did not focus on anything negative about the food she was eating.
She showed relief and gratification in her behavior. No matter what other struggles lay ahead of her, she had one thing she was grateful for in that moment…
I was reminded of the importance of gratitude the other day. And this image of the cheetah came to mind, as I had watched her struggle for so long to make a kill, and when she finally did, she was simply joyful.
We can use this moment in our own lives: try this little experiment now, and every morning when you wake up: instead of allowing one thought of negativity or stress to grab hold of your mind, think instead of one thing you are grateful for.
It can be anything, from the ability to hear the birds singing outside, or the warmth of sun coming up, or perhaps it’s simply being happy to have a cup of coffee. (I LOVE coffee, it’s literally drinkable happiness😂)
Hold onto that one thought and feeling. You’ll find you cannot feel very negative when gratitude has taken its place as the focus.

Life Begins Again

Life begins again…
All life is precious. And with every new day, there comes with it new life.
Do not think so much on what “wasn’t” in yesterday, but try to practice focusing more on “what is” in today. In this moment.
Guard your life, your thoughts, your feelings, against unnecessary negativity, just as this mother cheetah guards her cubs from danger. Because it matters.
Animals guard themselves against danger, they don’t look for negativity in their lives.
I believe that every individual’s mind, body, and soul is as precious and able as a young cub. Perfectly made. Entirely beautiful. And capable of withstanding any trial or fear.
We ALL are built to be successful.
So allow yourself to feel joy and love, because this good, and all living things deserve to feel such goodness.
Allow yourself to except and learn from your shortcomings and mistakes.
This mother cheetah did, and her cubs have done the same.
Because this is an important step in growth and your success.
I think no other animal except humans focus so strongly upon the mistakes and gloom of their lives and the lives of others. Yet at any point, we can choose to focus on the positivity of new life that is surrounding and presenting itself to us, every single day.
Life is so important, YOUR life is so important. So live every new day as such.

Just Try

Reaching for the branch…

The elephant reached up for the succulent branches, but found it could not quite reach its goal…
Next time you, or someone in your life, says you can’t do something, that your not able to accomplish your goal, or that you will fail, how about just TRY instead.
Reach for your goals.
Reach for your dreams.
You might miss them. You might fall.
But you will never regret trying.
And, perhaps, you may find you actually ARE capable of doing things.
Maybe, you CAN do it.
Your dreams don’t need to be easy in order for you to succeed.
Your goals may not even happen overnight.
But if this were to be the last moment of your life, would you feel pleased because you DIDN’T try, or will you be pleased because you DID.
Your success is always YOUR success.
No one else.
So reach for it.
This elephant missed the branch it was after the first time…
but then, it tried to reach again, and succeeded…

Power in Affection

A mother cheetah and cub

Observing affection between animals is truly a pure and moving experience. This particular moment was between a mother cheetah and one of her cubs.
It was such a sweet moment, but I find that it was also a moment that was powerful and inspiring…
Here are two individual, living creatures, and neither of them are controlling the other, both of them have made the conscious decision to show this affection towards each other. And in this, it is a picture of pure affection and caring, because both individuals are choosing to share this with one another.
What we can learn from this interaction is this:
Each and every one of us is an individual.
We each have our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own challenges, and our own experiences.
We are all capable of making conscious decisions in our personal lives. To choose to give without expecting anything in return, but giving purely because it is our choice to give.
We have no right to control others in their lives and choices.
And others have no right to control us in ours.
We always have a choice…we can allow others to control us, and manipulate us.
Or we can choose to not let them do this. And control ourselves instead.
We ACTUALLY get to decide this.
We also get to decide how we choose to treat other living beings. We know what’s right and wrong.
Choosing to love another should not be done with the expectation that the other MUST give this back in return.
Because then we really are only loving for our own self gain.
But loving another, with no expectations of them, and then they in return choose to love us in the same way, with no expectations of us, that perhaps must be one the purest form of selfless love.
When two individuals choose for themselves to give love and kindness to each other. For no self gain except the happiness that comes from loving another and seeing their joy.
That is why this moment of affection between these two wild animals is so remarkable, and I found it to be very meaningful for my own life, and hope it will inspire others as well.
Animals truly are a remarkable blessing.