Me and Lundi the Cheetah, after darting him to give him a tracking collar.

I am Savannah.

My entire life I have been passionate about wildlife. I have traveled the world, and worked in many place across the planet, meeting so many amazing individuals, both people and animals.

The last 8 years I have been dedicated to Africa and the conservation of its wildlife.

I’ve worked as a Field Guide, Photographer, Lodge Assistant Manager, Wildlife Tracker, and my most recent employment, Wildlife Monitor for Cheetah Conservation. Here I am sharing my stories from around the world, but mainly Africa.

These are my personal observations.
My personal photos and videos.

And the stories from my life.

It is my hope to share the groundbreaking discoveries I’ve made in animal behavior, while working in the field, with all conservationists. Because I believe, we are all in this TOGETHER.

It is my goal to give all for the better of wildlife conservation and the world.

So that through my years of dedication to wildlife, the rest of the world may also come to learn and put to practice what I have lived.

These are stories of the personal moments I’ve had with wild animals.

The bonds I have made. The trust I received. And the lessons these remarkable creatures have taught me, so that I might teach and inspire the world.

This is Savannah’s Africa.